Our Experience: Shakers – Maboneng


17 February 2018 – Never in my life have I had so much fun at a venue. I remember we were even late for our next event because we just couldn’t leave, it was just too LIT! So here’s what went down…

We get there, totally unaware that there’s actually a big event taking place. Now, here’s the funny thing about it, we didn’t even pay an entrance fee because it was set to start at 9pm, the fee that is. So we’re just there thinking it’s a normal Saturday at Shakers – Maboneng, so we settle in and find ourselves a spot to chill.

The vibe is inspiring and we’re there preparing to take pictures. There’s just something about the air at Shakers, it’s so liberating.  A friend of ours comes through and we knew from that point on that leaving that place would be close to impossible. She gives us the scoop: “Major League will be on the decks tonight!”. In my head, I’m thinking “uh, should we not pay for such?”. Well, not at Shakers, especially if you come early, so that was the first thing we LOVED about it.

Our friend with the scoop! 🙂

The music at the time is pumping and I’m thinking to myself, if it’s as LIT right now, what’s going to happen when Major League comes on?

Anyway, we get some refreshments and get acquainted with some of the patrons there and it’s a bunch of eccentric, friendly people with big personalities. There’s a stench of creativity just flowing around, you’d swear everyone that goes there is in some form of a band. It’s crazy.

I forgot to mention that the prices of their refreshments are highly reasonable, it’s not your typical club prices. You can literally have a great time on a budget, which I think is pretty dope! Especially because it’s quality fun, which is what we are all about.

So, this is what was happening

Major League came on the decks and as expected, they actually delivered! I will however add that every DJ on the line-up was bringing it! Major League may have set the bar but those DJ’s matched up to it. I am actually excited about the talent that is those young Mzansi DJ’s at Shakers. We were supposed to be out of there at 10:30pm to go to our next event, but we got so carried away, we only left at around 12am.

There was also a bridal shower somewhere in the mix. I’m thinking Moghel probably loves Shakers so much that she decided to take her after bridal shower party there. She told us she was actually getting married this week, unfortunately we couldn’t solicit an invite, but hey. Lol, congrats babes and all the best for your big day.


Their food menu is quite standard but the food in itself… I can already feel my mouth watering again. One thing I like is that you don’t have to wait too long after having ordered your meal.  You may have to wait for a waiter though, but at the end of the day, it is indeed a busy place but eventually everyone gets served.

Their  cocktail menu is also quite impressive, we’d recommend that people who go there for the first time try their Chilli Jam Jar, I think that’s what it’s called. Either way, they’ll know what you want. 🙂

The staff is friendly and is always ready to help. As hardworking as they are because the place does get quite busy, they’re always ready to offer help. Speaking of which, we borrowed a pen from one of the waiters and forgot to return it, but now we don’t even remember which one it is. Lol, sorry. Please remind us to give it back when you spot us again.

The owner of the place is also a very chilled guy who’s always just trying to ensure that everyone is okay. He’s walking around with his denim shorts and flip flops, that’s just how chilled Shakers is. So if you want to have a nice chilled time with a bunch of great people, look no further.

In a nutshell, would we go again? Definitely, even now! Should you go? Plan it, this weekend already.

Our rating: 4.5/5 Fun Stars.


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