About Us

With so much happening in the world, we’ve come to a point where we actually owe it to ourselves to distress and have a little fun. At least once in a while.

Fun Chasers was created for the fun spirited individual, the go-getters, the hustlers, the entrepreneurs and every other person who deserves to have a little fun.

Coming up with this concept was somewhat interesting, it all started with a question: “We’re so bored, where can we go?”. This question paved way for Fun Chasers and has since allowed us to form bonds with clubs, lounges, events, and activities that we will be showcasing in order for you to have an array of options to choose from.

Echo Lebelo has since continued to put in work on this idea and hopes that it will prove itself and in turn make us a global sensation. “Not only is it a platform where fun people can interact and find out where they can go, it is also an opportunity for event managers and club owners to tap into a market they’ve never explored before”.

Fun Chasers prides itself in providing the best entertainment options for fun people in South Africa. We all deserve it.

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